grim reaper 2

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5/28/2009 8:44 PM

want to sell it for like 250-225 let me know if you want pictures i still have it on my bike cause im waiting for my new frame to get here so just let me know. email me at


5/29/2009 6:02 PM



5/29/2009 6:08 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/29/2009 6:09 PM

your asking way to much for ur frame


ref: Philtor210

5/29/2009 6:27 PM

another person on here has been trying to sell a brand new in box gr2 for 200 and i think he still has it you might get 170 if its in good condition


5/31/2009 3:25 PM

170... i'd buy it.... any pics?


i hate scammers...,17/BMX4LIFE89,435354

text me: 8764712646
txt is quicker...:-P

5/31/2009 3:27 PM

still got the ipod touch??? pics to
or txt me 845-392-5561


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