i need cranks

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2/25/2009 8:47 PM

something good, but somewhat cheap. I have a few things I can trade. Let me know what u want.


2/25/2009 8:57 PM

what do you have?


I can ride my bike with no handlebars!!!

2/26/2009 6:32 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/26/2009 6:35 AM

first wut kinda cranks do u have?


2/26/2009 7:21 AM

I sent you a message and some pics. 45 shipped.


2/26/2009 9:44 PM

i didnt get em my e-mails being gay can u put em up here?


2/27/2009 6:07 AM

I have some 180 mm Profile cranks (just painted black) with 22 mm
spindle and American bottom bracket; they're yours for $60 shipped.
If you're interested and would like some pictures, please email me at




my email: pythagoras.fga@gmail.com