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originalstyle originalstyle
6/15/2009 10:29 PM

i will trade for pretty much anything. if you have a good freecoaster wheel i will trade in a heart beat. Im trading a 16gb ipod touch. 160gb(yes that is 160) ipod classic and a blue ipod nano 2nd generation 4gb. i think i have two others also

What time is it when you go to the dentist? Tooth hurty

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CoreySalas CoreySalas
6/15/2009 10:39 PM

will you just sell the i touch?

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irideafly irideafly
6/15/2009 10:41 PM

what parts are you looking for in a trade

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dacumup213 dacumup213
6/15/2009 10:44 PM

what ypor looking for?
i got parts

''if i was a whore i would sell my body parts just like i do on my bikes''
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originalstyle originalstyle
6/15/2009 11:02 PM

i am looking for any parts. must be good though. no haro, gt, eastern crap. i really especially am looking for freecoaster

What time is it when you go to the dentist? Tooth hurty

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JamesRidesVerde JamesRidesVerde
6/16/2009 9:29 AM

My friend has a freecoaster he'll trade, its nice. Perfect condition

Fly Bikes

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