looking for hub set

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12/20/2009 5:53 PM

i have pics of my fbm bike with profilehubs i am willing to trade hub setts for a different pair or somthing

looking for i need a chain breaker
a stem
forks and a intergreted headset offer away


12/20/2009 6:08 PM

Can I see pictures and specs on the wheels?


Refs: wolfen, aw1234512, Mike-E, Josh_Steinhauser, letsride123, cokacola(2x), burkminipup, martin1004, ron44ald

TCU refs: mike93, xangrydavex

12/20/2009 6:13 PM

thee pics are on my other post


12/20/2009 7:18 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/14/2016 11:37 PM

i have primo hubs (1 LHD 9t Purple, 1 Black Mix 8t RHD, 1 Primo n4)
a chainbreaker
a macneil cell and animal jumpoff
and shivs