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2/7/2013 9:36 PM

Looking for wheels for Cheap


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2/7/2013 11:40 PM

There not the best but if your looking for cheap quality wheels look herer http://www.veinbmx.com/bmx-store-parts/Wheels_2


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2/8/2013 10:16 AM

Nitrous double shots. Red. 100 bucks for the pair


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2/8/2013 11:53 AM

nitrous double shot front $35 shipped?


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2/8/2013 2:51 PM



]riding bmx is what i do

2/8/2013 3:13 PM

SImple eject/alienation custom front wheel- federal freecoaster custom wheel


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2/8/2013 5:08 PM

How much


]riding bmx is what i do

2/8/2013 9:20 PM

Polished Eastern Bi-rectional 9T w/ BSD Jersey Barrier hub guard laced to Chrome Odyssey Hazard Lite - Black spokes and nipples
Hoffman Generator front wheel - All black

$160 shipped OBO for both. Both spin super straight. Just had the rear laced and re-trued.


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2/16/2013 4:41 PM

text me
951 240 8389


2/18/2013 7:35 PM

Primo balance wheel 9t rhd

Black like new used

100 shipped and paypaled pm me if interested


2/19/2013 6:47 PM

i got a primo mix 9t rhd to a 7ka and a shadow raptor front to a hazard all black


2/19/2013 10:17 PM

I have a stolen roulette back wheel. Not great but not bad. 45 but you pay shipping