need a 36 hole

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5/7/2011 2:00 PM

just a rim, a good one


ride dem bikes kids

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5/7/2011 2:11 PM

beastassdick :] has some flys


bike check,27/ONE-TOUGHT-PODRE,1235558


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5/7/2011 2:36 PM

I've got a hazard lite, needs paint, decent shape


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5/7/2011 3:03 PM

jbeaton13 wrote:

beastassdick :] has some flys

this, he has 2 that are in wicked nice shape, he is selling them for cheap too.


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5/7/2011 3:46 PM

yeah i have 2 flys good shape paint is crappy though 55 each


text: 860 716 2106 i get pics too

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