20.75 Eddie V3 w/ intergrated pivitol post for sale

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10/28/2013 6:34 PM

If you reside in the proximity of phoenix or anywhere close to it, I'm selling my Eddie V3 frame, 20.75 in size. Been riding the frame since 012 and it's still super stiff! I originally bought it with the translucent black color way but after a week or so I decided to paint strip my bike thus, my frame is currently raw! Don't worry, there's no dents or dings on the frame but it is a little rusted but I think the oxidization adds a little badass-ness to the frame. If you're not feeling the personality the frame gives off I suggest rubbing the frame with some fresh lime. That'll take some of the rust off and give that chromoly shine back!...pussies.

I wanted to sell my Eddie V3 so that I can put the money towards a longer frame, preferably a 21." I want $100 for it but if you happen to have a 21" FIT frame, I might consider trading depending on the condition of your frame. If you have any questions or concerns, hit me up on my facebook page!