wtb: nice older 21' tt frame

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6/18/2014 4:04 PM

As the title says, im looking for an older beefy aftermarket frame. I would prefer an older sunday, or something usa made, or really any older strong frame. Must have integrated headtube and brake mounts (welded mounts preferred). Geo and paint don't really matter as long as the frame is in good working order.


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7/10/2014 1:41 PM

sunday funday 2010 ex was yellow but painted it a nice teal.paint is good no dents cracks bends few scratches in chainstay/
ill sell for 115 obo paypal text me for pics 928 830 7166


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7/10/2014 9:05 PM

I'm doing some research now to figure out what the hell this thing is. All I know is it's built like a brick shit house, sturdy as hell, and is strapped to a Pitchfork. You could probably throw this thing into the grand canyon, repel into the ravine, and ride the bastard out. I'm pretty sure we are looking at WeThePeople aftermarket but I'm also looking into S&M Custom because of that mean looking wishbone. Dropouts are LOAD BEARING to say the least. Paint was FUBAR so now it's glossy FUBAR. Sealed Euro BB. 21.5 TT and the break mounts are welded. I didn't get any paint inside of any threads. 21.5 TT but out of 3 measurements I got 21.25, 21.35, and 21.5 with the help of a family member holding the measuring tape I got 21.5 three times in a row at the end of the effort. This is a big boys bike and I'll give you a sock full of nickles if you can break it. Hit me up via txt if you want it 512779sixzero84. Could go pretty damn cheap on this thing but shipping it will cost $20 so we'd need to consider that. Fork and Odyssey CLFL Stem could come free with the sealed euro and headset installed. Not in love with this thing because I'm mostly into Post 2010 and Pre 1994. Hit me up man.