26" Stolen Zeke 2019 [modified] review - so the world has one at least

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2/12/2019 4:00 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/12/2019 4:01 AM

Hey! I am posting this short review just because when I was looking for a nice 26" bike, reviews over the interwebs are close to non existent. So this is a contribution for future buyers. I think this will be useful not only for Stolen bike [or is it STLN now?] purchaser.

So, the history. I rode BMX for a quite a while, but, even I loved the thing, the scene with whole my heart, I really sucked at it. I still do. So do keep that in mind. Then I had a long pause, got a wife, got a kid, all that jazz. But I still had that urge in me. Since I am a tall fellow, I decided to get a 26" BMX, so I could cruise easier, but, if needed, hit some small jumps when nobody sees it :]

Availability was a question as well, but I ended up with Stolen Zeke 26" 2019 bike.

If you search online, that model, although pretty, comes with military painted tires and seat. Since I am not a douche, that went into the bin right away and replaced with Continental 26x2.20" tires and Kink seat. As I said, I am a tall dude, so the bars that very second were replaced with BSD Giraffe 9.5" bars [I think the inches are correct there]. Also, either heavier, I put on Cult half-link chain - I always had a sweet spot for these chains. God, this bike is comfy! Really, comfy!

Technical side.
Well, what I did at the first going to the skatepark? Tried to remember proper bunnies and fakies. So, I have to say, after couple hours the wheels were all loose. I can manage to tighten couple spokes to make little bend away, but that was beyond that. So be prepared for that. Now, after, let's say five sessions, I feel that the next big investment will be rear hub. Unfortunately stock one is already wonky.

So, in the end, it's not such a budget minded endeavour after all. Also, the hub is 11t and feels a bit soft from the get go, but that's a matter of preference, as I, for example, always loved the 27:9 ratio. And you would think, that 25:11 would be similar on 26" bike... naaah.

So here you go. I love geometry, though. It's nice. And, if you're tall, you will need higher rise bars anyways.

I hope someone will find this useful. If this forum has some kind of notification to e-mail, I'll gladly ask all the questions as well, otherwise I can forget I wrote this post in about five minutes.


2/12/2019 11:44 AM

Nice. I wanted a Zeke but Stolen didn't(still doesn't???)have a Canadian distributor. I think it's the only 26" bike I've seen that has a modern Model C style geo(high BB, shortish rear, steeper HT angle). They look like fun bikes.


2/12/2019 12:15 PM
Edited Date/Time: 2/12/2019 12:19 PM

Hah! I thought I didn't as well [albeit I live is a small Baltic country]. I e-mailed to some multi-brand corp. in UK and they swiftly got to me back with a question, do I want to buy bikes to sell or for myself. Obviously I replied that it's just for me and got a contact right here - it appeared a local shop, which is selling scooters and off-brand [I know only LongIsland anyways] longboards, is an official Stolen distributor. They even had a few BMX bikes in the shop, which most probably are bought only by some confused parent :D So, I ordered the bike from them and it came here in a week. I strongly suggest to poke around and send some e-mails, if it's still matters.

Also, who knew, 26" BMX are rarely full cr-mo, so Stolen got me there as well - a very welcomed detail in frame and fork.

P.S. Your mention about high BB reminded me one fun detail. When you are on the bike - everything is fine, but when you're just standing next to it, the bike does feel really big. I have an old sports bike [with all them horned handlebars] and that thing just looks tiny next to Zeke now.


2/14/2019 10:01 AM

I ended up with a WTP Atlas 24". I love it. Would still like to try a Zeke some day though


2/14/2019 7:37 PM

I like it! Nice review.


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