99 Haro Dave mirra 540 Air

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5/4/2021 5:09 PM

Frame : Haro Dave mirra 540 Air
Forks: haro
Bars :Haro mirra bars
Stem : har block
Headset :stock
Grips: haro
Barends : snafu
Lever : stock
Cranks : Haro one piece making the switch to primo powerbites
Pedals: Haro fusion
Sprocket : Haro
Chain : kmc
Brakes : stock
Pads : stock
Seat : Haro mirra seat
Seatclamp : haro
Rear Wheel : heffer
Front Wheel : heffer
Tyres : Haro multisurface
Extras: Photo

5/4/2021 9:01 PM

Memories...that looks in real nice condition considering its age. Had a friend that had the same bike in the same red. I had a Flair in Green. Another kid had a White Pro. I had a Backtrail too, not sure what model though.



5/5/2021 3:25 AM

Man that looks sweet. I have a 03 540 Air I’m fixing up


It’s all bmx

5/6/2021 11:27 PM

So cool


“Pegless and coaster is ultimate zen”
-Indiana Tom