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4/25/2011 8:35 PM

Still trying to decide on a bike.
-The cult CC2 looks pretty bad ass, but it comes with Sun Villas and I don't want to upgrade right away.
-I was thinking about the 2011 Verde Radia, but I heard they have bad welds
-Thinking about the 2011 Luxe, but if the Radia has bad welds, im guessing the Luxe has them too.

Any opinions or suggestions??


4/25/2011 8:43 PM




4/25/2011 8:57 PM

here are some pretty nice bikes:
$480 Kink Barrier 2012
$520 United Supreme Su2 2011

i think the verde will be fine though


4/25/2011 9:02 PM

not to be trendy but the sunday ross pro is good. i have one along with my main bike


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4/25/2011 9:11 PM

FBM i love my heathen it has quite a few stock parts and feels so dialed. the frame spins well, the 2011 ones come with nice cranks which is a small upgrade from average 3 piece tubulars. the 'Nice" brand isn't even as much as a side brand as it is a brand itself to FBM. their parts are pretty good to. FBM's a pretty underrated brand especially considering how happy i am with mine.


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