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12/16/2013 6:23 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/16/2013 6:38 AM

aside from some stuff I would change about my frame's geometry this is my dream bike, bike check.(dream bike meaning I might be able to actually afford it soon without getting a whole new bike. So what do you guys think? I think I might need to get different bars, Idk one of the first things I will change are my cranks because Im kinda a short guy so I'll see how the bars feel after that. thinking I'd need slightly taller. We'll see...

So basically I'll be running DK, Shadow, Odyssey, and Kink. here is the parts list.
===front end===
handlebars: Dk 2-peice Chromoly (black)
brake lever: Shadow Sano(medium) (polished)
Bar-ends: Shadow deadbolt (polished)*
extra: Stolen Grip lock(polished)*
stem: DK Alpha (black)
forks: Odyssey Directors (black)
wheel: Odyssey A-Plus front wheel(chrome)
Tire: Shadow Undertaker 2.25" (black)
Hub Guard: Odyssey(not out yet)(chrome)
Peg: Shadow Little one(3/8ths)(black)

===mid section===
Frame: dk Cleveland frame(black)
Seat: Odyssey Monogram Pivotal (black)
Seatpost: Kink super stub(black)
bearings: sealed mid(spanish)
cracks: dk Social cranks (170mm)(LHD) (chrome)
Sproket: dk Chaka 25T (black)
pedals:dk Plastic (black)
Cable hanger: Shadow Sano(black)
Brake cable: Odyssey Slic (black)

===Rear End===
Rear Wheel: Odyssey A-Plus Cassette(LHD)(14mm)(9t)(Chrome)
tire: Shadow Undertaker 1.95" (black)
Hub guard: (odyssey not out yet)(chromed)
peg: Shadow Little one (14mm)(black)
Brakes: Odyssey Evolver 2 (chrome)
brake pads: Koolstop (Salmon)
chain: Shadow Interlock v2 (silver)
chain tensioner: DEMOLITION chain tensioner (14mm)

Uhhh and yeah if i missed anything. Let me know. cuz I realllyyy dont want to start ordering parts only to find out something isn't compatible or needs some special part or tools or shizzz

ps I've known a few people that have directors and have a standard headset bearing I suppose theirs a way to modify to make it work? seems simple enough in concept but if somebody knows the details, I'd love to know, cranks, forks, and rear wheel are first to get changed out.


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