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4/26/2014 11:56 AM

Hey Vital,

I've been lurking the forums for a bit and just got my bike built about a week ago so I thought I'd share anything I know since you shared with me. Anyone need help with a Nissan?

Or....I'll just show the goods!

Frame: Eastern Drift 20.69
Handlebars: Shadow Vultrus 8.25
Grips: Odyssey Aitkens
Headset: Premium
Stem: Alienation
Fork: Demolition Elite
BB: United
Cranks: Premium 1948 Spline
Pedals: Premium Slim
Sprocket: Tree 25t
Chain: Cult 510
Seat Post: Premium
Seat: United Slim
Wheels: Premium Samsara
Tires: Demolition Momentum 2.35 Front, 2.2 Rear





4/26/2014 1:13 PM

Looks good. Really like the black with just little bits of blue.


4/26/2014 1:24 PM

NIce bike man!




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4/26/2014 8:03 PM

Let us know how that Drift holds up! you should take off all the eastern stickers besides that dialed!


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4/26/2014 8:52 PM

nice! eastern "drift" and an s13 pic. i see what you did there haha


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4/26/2014 9:54 PM

Thanks guys!

Im kind of with brokenbmx on the yellow but wasnt sure how itd look until fully built, was going for black with little blue like GThompson commented on. I may take off the "eastern" but def have to keep the sweet drift sticker! It adds 10 pedalpower!!


4/27/2014 7:42 AM

I almost got this frame before it sold out! Is it good?


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4/27/2014 8:52 PM

Yeah, just take off the super huge stickers like that one on the top tube, just my opinion. Keep small headt ube and seat tube stickers, they tend to make the frame look better. And especially keep the stickers if they're nice and they're the brand and model of a part. But anyways, I like the color scheme!


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4/28/2014 4:33 PM

I was considering getting this frame for Christmas but I didn't! You should post a review!


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4/30/2014 9:19 AM

Sick build! i gotta say i am quite curious about this frame.. Once you ride it for awhile and really get a feel for it you should do a review like stocksy said.