First Bike Build in 15 Years

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2/18/2018 4:04 PM


Frame : Stranger LZ 20.75
Forks: Fit Blade V3
Bars : Kink Wolf
Stem : Sunday Freeze
Headset : Odyssey Integrated
Grips: Odyssey Broc Raiford Grip (red)
Cranks : Odyssey Thunderbolt 2pc, 180mm
Pedals: Odyssey Grandstand PC Pedals (clear)
Sprocket : Shadow Conspiracy Sabotage 25T
Chain : Cult Half-Link (gold)
Seat : Odyssey Hawk / Odyssey Tripod post
Rear Wheel : Kink Eastcoaster 9T / Kink Brawler 36H
Front Wheel : Kink Boulevard / Kink Brawler 36H
Tires : Odyssey Path 2.3"

2/18/2018 6:30 PM

The gold rims match the frame quite nicely, and i dig all the odysssy parts. Looks good for the first build in 15 years, right on!


“Pegless and coaster is ultimate zen”
-Indiana Tom

2/19/2018 5:49 AM

I like those gold rims a lot. Brown seat and grips would finish that off niiiiiice.


If I could go a tenth as high as Larry Edgar goes, then I would still be blasting super high.

2/21/2018 3:38 PM

I was going to build a cassette wheel with a matching rim, but these rims are no longer available. Bummer. I think the gold rims and chain were a great touch personally and they turned out better than I expected.


3/1/2018 1:17 PM

You don't see this color scheme everyday! Love it bro looks so bad ass. that frame color would also look good with grey accents as well tires, set, ect but it's super sick the way it is