Gary's 2011 WTP Crysis

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4/28/2017 3:01 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/28/2017 3:19 PM

This will be my bike check/restomod thread, currently just picked the bike up off Gumtree for £40, its been sat outside a while by the looks of things so this will be my restoration/mod thread, now just thinking of which way i should take the bike, whether i should just strip it and regrease and relube all parts, remove rust from the Hub and crank spindles and re-black them with a blowtorch and some engine oil, maybe consider rawing out the frame or possibly new paintjob and re anodising the aluminium stuff a cherry red colour cos the pinky/purple isn't really doing it for me, although doing this will probably strip some of the salt logo's off

heres the bikes current specs:

Cromo tt, dt & cs, 20.4”tt / 13.25”cs / 75 degrees ht
Full 4130 cromo fork, 1pc bulged cromo steerer
Salt am 3pc crank cromo 175mm, 8 spline
Salt mid size bb (sealed, press fit)
Eclat “surge” pc pedals
9T 1-piece cassette driver, sealed bearing
Salt plus chain (510h type)
25/9 Gearing
Sealed 9t 1pc cassette
Salt am 3pc crank Salt am rims
Salt sealed front hub
Salt pitch raw & pitch flow tyres
Full 4130 cromo 8” rise bar
Salt expert full cnc stem
Salt team grips
Wethepeople pivotal seat
Salt am aero single wall 36h,
Salt plus double wall, 36h,
Salt am hub, sealed bearing 3/8 s 36h low flange
Salt am alloy u-brake rear
Salt “moto” alloy brake lever
Salt int. headset (cartridge type)
Wethepeople small “block” pivotal seat
Salt pivotal seat post, steel, 155mm
New salt am alloy seat clamp

Only pic i have at the moment is the one from the advert, more pics to come in next few days while i strip bike and start refreshing it, it has a pretty cheap and crappy generic front brake with hardly any adjustment on it so that "might" come off


So what way do you guys think i should go?


4/28/2017 3:04 PM

Cant wait to see this thing done up!


4/30/2017 6:21 AM

Nice lots of potential, Id say raw out the frame and redo the adonize in red. Or paint the frame candy red


4/30/2017 12:43 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/30/2017 1:02 PM

Stripped, cleaned and relubed all bearings today, cleaned all corrosion off the washers and nuts by sandblasting them, blowtorching them and quenching in engine oil to "blacken" them again

halfway through blasting

Blowtorching till colour change then quench in oil


Forgot to take a picture of all the blackened nuts so here is a pic of one of them back on the bike


Decided today just to get the bike back to a rideable standard and have fun with it over the summer which isn't the longest here in Scotland, in the winter i will probably pull it apart again and raw out the frame and do anodizing as i wont really be able to use it too much and wont need to worry about getting it back together too quickly, can take my time and do it right, also removed the cheap crappy front brake that wasn't working, back works fine, polished the rims where the anodizing has worn off by brake pads so its now mirror like, both tyres took air and inflated so no need for a tube...yet.

went a quick spin on it and it feels weird being on such a small bike again as most of the last couple of bikes i have had have been MTB's....dont remember bunny hops being so hard either lol, it'll all come back, now the learning begins...