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12/30/2015 8:08 PM

Imigine this bike, but with a million more dents.





Frame: Fit Flow 21.25 black
Fork: Haro Lineage black
Handlebars: Shadow Conspiracy Vultus 8.5 chrome

Seat: Odyssey Galaxy tripod red pattern
Seat Post: Fly Bikes Dos black
Seat Clamp: Demolition Lightning chrome

Cranks: Redline Flight 175mm chrome
Pedals: Primo Tenderizers black
Chain: KMC 410H chrome
Sprocket: Stolen Sumo polished

Brake Lever: Odyssey Monolever small black
Brake Cable: Sunlite black
Brakes: Tektro 990 black
Brake Pads: Odyssey Slim by Four clear

Front Rim: Sun Big City black
Front Spokes and Nipples: USA Brand black
Front Hub: Demolition Phantom black
Front Hub Gaurd: Merritt Tension black
Front Peg: Osyssey Mpeg
Front Tire: Demolition Machete 2.25 black
Rear Rim: Sun Big City black
Rear Spokes and Nipples: USA brand black
Bush did 9/11
Rear Hub: Cinema ZX 9t RHD black
Rear Hub Gaurd: Daily Grind Infinity black
Rear Peg: Odyssey Mpeg
Rear Tire: Animal TWW 2.00 black

Extra Bits
Grips: Sensus Swayze black
Headset: Cult black
Bottom Bracket: Bearings and generic dust covers black
Bar Ends: Shadow Conspiracy Deadbolt black
Stem: Sunday Freeze 48mm black

Next For the Bike
Frame and cranks. Most likely a Fit Benny, I don't know if I want black or military green. Primo Powerbites in 170 and black. Might go back to the Markit seat. Tires, likely a 2.25 Fit FAF and a 2.1 S&M Speedball in the rear. Been feeling an itch to lace a Colony Wasp to another Big City or other Sun rim, and buy the male axle conversion. Going to most definitely going to grab a black S&M X man sprocket and a black 410H.


12/30/2015 10:10 PM

i hate my colony wasp but my red tenderizers would look sick on that


ride bikes, have fun


12/31/2015 3:18 PM