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6/23/2014 6:02 AM

Hello Friends, I am Mary, a stay home mom from California. I am new to this exciting forum and looking forward to meet new people and find some great money saving deals in this hard time. With 4 kids in the house, any awesome deal is always welcome. I have always used the traditional mail coupon methods for years for basic groceries and everyday stuff but this is actually my first time being on a forum like this to be with like minded friends who share the same mindset. Would love to hear back from you guys ! Thanks & Cheers - Mary


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6/23/2014 6:28 AM

This is for BMX not grocery's take your coupon cutting tips elsewhere please.

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You're giving me Lou Gehrig's disease by posting all of these threads that have nothing to do with BMX. We talk about BMX bikes on this forum and that is it!

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If you can find coupons for bmx bike parts, you will be everyone on this groups' best friend