Is Monty Free a good ”starter bike”

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1/13/2018 3:38 AM

Hi all,
Im new to BMX and are about to buy my first bike.
Iv been looking at a few different bikes, one of them is a Monty free 301 (or maybe 302).
My question is if this is an ok bike to start with?
The price is 270€. I prefer freestyle/street.
I was told (from an other bike shop, not selling bmx though) that this place don’t have any ”quality bikes”, and I don’t want to buy a bmx for 270€ if its no good.
So Monty free, good or bad? ( For a beginner)



1/13/2018 5:36 AM

This not the place to post these types of threads. Try the General BMX section but since I'm here I will say it looks like a small kids bike. I visited the Spanish websites (I'm Mexican and can somewhat read that shit) and couldn't find the geometry of the frame or any specific details on the bike which is a red flag because it's described like a bike from Walmart is described. In my opinion this bike is not a quality bike and if you want to know why there is a "buyer's guide" thread on the general BMX section that is awesome.


1/13/2018 5:40 AM


1/13/2018 5:43 AM


1/19/2018 11:27 AM

Yeah, not the right area to post but...

It's a hi-tens bike. Not great. It is interesting tho.... This is something I haven't seen before: