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DeviantBMX123 DeviantBMX123
9/10/2013 8:05 PM



Sorry for the bad pictures sad
But anyway this is my baby that I repainted. I dont think you can see it in the pics but sadly the clear coat didnt work very well and the paint is already beat to hell.

Here are the specs
Frame :Felt Manic 20.55
Forks: Cult Sect V2
Bars : Eastern Wonderyears repainted black 8.5
Stem : Premium FL V2 flipped
Headset : Mechanix STI
Grips:ODI Longneck super soft flangeless
Barends : ODI
Lever : Leg
Cranks dizzytolen Teams 2.5
Pedals:ODY twisteds
Sprocket : ODY MDS
Chain : KMC drop buster.. thing is a tank!
Brakes : Shoes
Pads :Gum sole
Seat : Fiend Palmere in blue denim(love it!)
Seatclamp dizzyputnic
Rear Wheel : Haro 25 9 conversion kit wheel
Front Wheel : Demo bullimia laced to demo zero using swiss dt spokes
Tyres : Duo SVS 2.25
Extras:Fresh paint Blue to black fade! 3 pegs ODY Mpegs.
Mods:I crack seat clamps all the time so i drilled a hole in the tubing and thru the seat post and put a screw in there... NOT ON THE WELD! hopefully it holds up to my fat ass...

Thanks for looking! I have put alot of work into it and still have a few things to upgrade but for the most part it is perfect! hope you like it...

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BMXism BMXism
9/10/2013 8:46 PM

The blue black fade paint job, looks good bro. I think I'm gonna go all out on my black Wifi and totaly jizz paint all over it. Fucking used to hate the look of all black bikes, now I'm pretty much on one. LOL

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DeviantBMX123 DeviantBMX123
9/11/2013 6:13 AM

Thanks man! And do it! Just make sure u use a good clear coat and give it time to dry! its cool to show off something u did urself instead of just stock paint!

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Shirts and Iphone cases available soon! Check site for details!

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WalmartTrike WalmartTrike
9/11/2013 6:19 AM


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