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7/24/2020 11:31 AM

I built this bike while working from home for the past six months. Probably my favorite build yet. It’s strong and simple, but I love it because it is so smooth, comfortable, and dialed.

I’ve also noticed that there is really sparse amount of feedbacks/reviews for Primo Balance hubs. I’ve ridden for a week and so far/so good, but I will put through a little more abuse testing over the next month and provide a detailed review later Photo

Rider spec: 39 yo, 6’, 185lbs

Frame : S&M Tallboy 21.25 (Flat Clear)
Forks: S&M Pitchfork Widemouth
Bars : Eclat Chocolate Bars 9” rise
Stem : S&M Challenger
Headset : Federal
Grips: S&M Hoder
Cranks : FIT Blunt 160mm
Pedals: Eclat AK
Sprocket : S&M X-Man 28t
Chain : Shadow Supreme Interlock
Seat : WTP Fat Seat (Brown Leather)
Seatpost : S&M Long Johnson
Front rim : GSport Ribcage
Front hub : Primo Balance
Front tire : S&M Speedball 2.4
Rear rim : GSport Ribcage
Rear hub : Primo Balance Freecoaster LHD (female axle)
Rear tire : S&M Speedball 2.1
Brake lever : Odyssey Monolever Trigger
Brakes : Odyssey EVO 2.5
Brake Line : Kink One Piece



7/28/2020 1:52 AM

Nice build. I like the frame. Very clean look. The cranks seem short for your height. Do you prefer that size or do you plan to run pegs?


7/28/2020 8:01 AM

Good question. These are my first (modern) cranks that are not 175mm. I built this bike as my street bike with no brakes. While not pictured, I currently have BSD RudeTubes installed. With the 175mm cranks my heels always clipped the back pegs...I realized that I wanted shorter pegs for grinding so I just went with the opposite extreme.

My other bike is pretty much identical which I ride pegless and with brakes, the only differences being Odyssey Hazardlite complete wheels, Fubar bars, and Thunderbolt cranks 175mm. It’s also a Tallboy, but black frame. This is much more comfortable for just riding around, especially in my very hilly neighborhood with my daughter.


7/28/2020 8:03 AM

FYI...the pictures have the breaks installed, no pegs...this was after I first built it and wanted to ride with my daughter. Climbing those hills with the 160mm cranks was a killer!


7/29/2020 6:34 AM

That makes sense. I'm a little shorter than you and my cranks are usually 175 also. I want to play around with pegs eventually, so I may be experimenting with shorter cranks in the future, too. I can already see myself walking up some steeper hills.