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4/6/2014 10:58 PM

Traded my bulova watch for this older fit bike. Had shitty wheels on it but everything else was okay. Gave it an paint job because it was scratched up with black paint.




4/6/2014 11:23 PM

New front wheel and I'd like it. The brown, red, and white colors work.


4/7/2014 12:19 PM

Id paint everything in black honestly. Part list?




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4/7/2014 12:56 PM

Keep an eye on the chainstay bridge. I know two dude who are about 100 LBS difference in weight that both cracked Older Fits in the same spot.


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4/7/2014 3:19 PM

Doesn't look bad, do you know what parts are on it


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4/8/2014 1:49 PM

yea definitely liking the brown red and white. Is that an S1 ?


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4/8/2014 2:12 PM

nshs2010 wrote:

yea definitely liking the brown red and white. Is that an S1 ?

I think it's an s2. I have the same frame sitting in my room right now and i was told it was an s2.

Nice bike.


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4/8/2014 4:23 PM

Thanks for the compliments! And I'm not 100% sure on everything but I'll try to list what I know. And I was wondering what model as well so thanks for clearing that up for me.

Frame - Fitbike (s2?)
Handlebars- ?
Grips- Dk bicycles
Cranks - Oddyssy (?)
Pedals- colony
Seat post - ?
Seat - alienation
Front wheel - pos
Rear wheel - pos
Stem - S&M redneck
Head set - ?