Satan's bicycle. Update 5/28

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5/23/2014 6:00 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/23/2014 6:01 PM

Frame: Mutiny Loosefer v2.5 21"
Fork: Odyssey R32
Bar: Shadow Vultus 9"
Grips: Snafu Miracle
Stem: Ezra Gauntlet
Headset: Rant
Crank: Stolen team 2.5
Sprocket: Ezra28t
Pedals: Stolen thermalite
Chain: Shadow
Seat: Animal
Pegs: 4x Fit OG 112

Front wheel:
Rim: Shadow Stun
Spokes: usa
Hub: Animal
Tire: Duo SVS
Guards: 2x cult match

Rear wheel:
Rim: Shadow Stun
Spokes: usa
Hub: Nitrous 9t
Tire: Duo SVS
Guards: Primo pc dsg & Eastern pop-n-lock



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5/23/2014 7:15 PM

Looking rad homie!


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5/23/2014 9:02 PM

sweet ride!


5/23/2014 9:10 PM

Great looking bike!


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5/23/2014 9:47 PM

Yew thats nice!


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5/24/2014 2:53 AM

Looks really cool!




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5/24/2014 1:22 PM

Very nice.


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5/28/2014 4:48 PM

Finally threw on my butcher sleeves, re-did my seat(sublime!) since the cover was ripping/unfixable, switched my grips to fit mac's, ground my dsg down a bit since it's deforming after a year and a half of riding it.




I'm on the vital legit list!

5/28/2014 5:38 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/28/2014 5:38 PM

That is one sick looking bike and that seat is dope.. Good job dude.


5/28/2014 5:48 PM

Damn Tom, That Bike Is Superb!


5/29/2014 11:14 AM

Looks nice, makes me miss my mutiny sinister frame


5/29/2014 4:59 PM

Sweet ride man!


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5/30/2014 12:23 PM

Nice dude