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3/6/2014 5:33 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/6/2014 5:34 PM

Hey guys, about 2 months ago I bought this dirty, rusty, horribly ugly eastern and fixed her up good! Bought for 100 and after 110 for a new driver and some TLC I got a decent bike for 210. Heres a before
And after
Weight is 25 pounds
Frame: eastern trail digger?
Bars: fit
Forks: fit park pro
Headset: mission (upgrading soon)
Cranks: mission transit
Pedals: snafu plastic
Grips: Aaron ross keyboard
Barends: odi
Seat: stock eastern (upgrading soon)
Chain: kmc something (upgrading soon)
Front wheel: unknown hub/ alienation plain black rim
Back wheel: odyssey hazard v3/ odyssey 7ka


3/6/2014 6:01 PM

Good job bro!


3/6/2014 6:39 PM

Looks good man, id spray the front hub the same as the back and it'll look better


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3/6/2014 6:54 PM

I was thinking of doing that!!! Lol damn I knew I should have! And thanks guys! I'm super stoked about it!


3/7/2014 3:25 PM

Good job!




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3/7/2014 5:24 PM

Thanks! It has some stickers on it from transition bmx now looks a lot better! Lol all it needs is white walls and then it will be dropping panties