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12/18/2016 6:24 AM

Well it was about a year ago that I made another bike-check thread (,27/Starting-to-get-close-to-my-ideal-ride,1305708), so much has changed (frame, tires etc) since that it's very different so am making a new bike-check and, hopefully, getting some opinions/guidance/tips on what I could, should or may do with this!

I rode my 21" United SU2 for ages, and while I've dabbled with shorter frames in the past I never found comfort on them, this time I've adjusted my bars much farther forward than I'd ever done before, and it's made up for it and I've got far more control of the bike (I've hit my best 3 manuals ever in the past couple days and I've only been riding this frame about a week now :D )

Ok, onto the specs:

20.5" crmo, rawed (not clear-coated yet, am going to let it oxidize a bit more first)

9" Vultus in chrome, cut to 27.75", with S&M Hoder grips
Fit TL stem with fresh SS hardware

Free Agent plush pivotal
Animal wedge pivotal post (used solo / no seatpost-clamp)

28t Mankind sprocket
KMC610hz chain (oil-slick or 'neochrome' as they call it)
Redline Flight cranks, rawed and flipped to LHD (never had an issue!)
Redline Monster pedals
Odyssey Hazard LHD, 10t hub in rear, United front hub (adonized blue)

Rolling stuff:
Cinema 777 rims
Odyssey Hawks 2.4"x2.2" black w/ gumwall

Black-Ops plegs (*full* plastic ie no metal core)
Gsport Gland guard (front; rear gets a Primo DSG but I have to modify the thing to fit again so it's off now)

So yeah I've really been digging this setup once I moved those bars forward to where they're pictured, would like to hear opinions on it, suggestions for it, whatever! And thanks to the forum at large, for all the help in my constant projects lol!!



12/18/2016 6:25 AM


12/19/2016 12:57 AM

Lookin' awesome!


Scooter kid trying to ride a bike.

12/19/2016 5:38 AM

readybmxer wrote:

Lookin' awesome!

Thanks man, it's *feeling* awesome!! I'm in love with this new geometry and am killing it with it, also just gotta love when everything's tight and perfect, I went over every last bit to tune/tighten/adjust in the days following the actual build, it is just so smooth (got rid of the slightly-out-of-line drivetrain issue I was having too, my chain is straight as hell wrt the frame now, which allows me to ride it tighter than before without any extra stress on it, maybe even less stress)

So my pedals are on backwards since I swapped my cranks for LHD, I recently realized this and last night I attempted to swap the pedal-bodies on the spindles, ie to leave the spindles in the crank-arms and just swap the plastic bodies from one side to the other, to make them 'forward-centered' like they should be tilted. So I get both plastic pedal bodies off simply enough, slid a pedal body onto the other's spindle and tightened it down, went perfect / was stoked - I go to put the 2nd on, and find that, in just removing the frickin' thing, the nut was stripped! I mean stripped BARE, I don't know why the F8*$# companies do stuff like this, I mean it's a nice pedal with two sealed bearings, crmo spindle, yet they use frickin' tin alloy or something to make the affixing screw! Fair enough I guess, in that the thing isn't really meant to be opened and used, but still....feels very cheap that I couldn't even remove & replace the screw a single frickin' time! Til I can get to Ace Hardware and, hopefully, find a replacement nut, I'll be rocking my Animal PC's in purple to match my sprocket :D These pedals are crap, not the model but this specific pair, they're just beaten to hell but I figure I can have fun putting my pedal down on grinds and stuff with these ones w/o worry!



12/28/2016 5:44 PM

Nice...Don't you just LOVE the hoder grips? I know I do...


1/8/2017 8:35 AM

DanTheBikerMan wrote:

Nice...Don't you just LOVE the hoder grips? I know I do...

LOVE them, like I don't know that I'll get a different grip for a looong time, I've tried a TON of different grips and was actually liking smoother stuff (cult DAKS for instance) but am in love with the hoders, I'll definitely be getting these for a while!!


I've gotta find a fine paintbrush or something and continue the bleaching of the P on my new Profile seat (to match dem gumwalls!), but finally got a fat/plush seat and am riding it at a real height, no more slammed plastic seats for this guy lol, also rawed my forks but unlike the frame & cranks they're not going to be left to oxidize, my highest grit paper was 400g so I only got a dull luster going on but the plan is to grab 400 through ~1500-2k paper and really polish it out, then steel wool then proper compound-paste & wax (idea being to have it as close to my chrome bars as possible, in a month or two this frame'll really have oxidized and the bars & forks being shiny should contrast pretty well!)

[and yes, I'm going to sand the center of the forks, I just didn't have the time to finish them out to 400 if I got the center as I'd run out of stripper gel so the forks were sanding-only, am gonna gel that area off when I get the higher grit paper :D ]


1/8/2017 8:55 AM


Not bad for 400 grit, am excited to see where 1-2k grit gets me! I'm not sure how practical it is trying to match polished steel to chrome but hopefully it's enough to get a matching effect

2/8/2017 11:14 AM

I love plastic smile New MKIV GLAND guard fits like a charm, also just put on a new set of plastic Monster pedals, am ready to go burn through some plastic lol!!Photo

2/8/2017 11:18 AM

gave up on the idea of polished-steel forks and painted them black, swapped my slightly-worn rear pleg to the front so I've got that nice quasi-worn flatness up front, and a relatively fresh pleg on the back now


Last thing I want to change for my grind setup is just getting the 4.25" gsport pleg2, giving me a chromoly core, extra quarter-inch, ability to replace sleeves and, if I get it soon, I'll have two of the full-plastic plegs I ride now to reserve for the front, keeping me in front pegs for a while (I put wayyyy more wear on the rear like most do I imagine, so am expecting two plegs to last my single front spot a while, and the pleg2 would just take replacement sleeves for, hopefully, a while!!)


2/10/2017 11:12 AM


(not my beautiful property in the background, for full disclosure lol)

2/10/2017 11:13 AM


bunch more pics here:

2/10/2017 11:20 AM

Oh and it's now got a brand-new (well 2-3wks at this point) 10t odyssey driver, and I've built the chain in-place on the sprocket using the KMC half-link to reduce my CS from 13.75" to 13.5" :D

Re pedals, yes they're facing backwards (regular pedals on flipped RHD cranks makes them face backward ;P ) - I experimented a bit with this after my first set of Monster pedals went, I took regular PC pedals (eclats and animals) and I swapped the plastic pedal-bodies on their spindles, resulting in pedals that faced forwards (despite being on flipped RHD cranks) - I rode them for a couple weeks while deciding on & acquiring yet another set of Monster pedals (best pedals I've ever ridden) and, upon getting them I tried them to compare (you *cannot* swap Monster bodies on their spindles, they use loctite or something during assembly so they're *not* to be dissembled!) and, with this newer small frame, I actually prefer them angled backward, I've found I'm putting my weight more towards the center of my foot instead of the ball&toes, which I like a lot and doesn't feel as good when they're facing forward, so that turned out to be a happy accident, my desire to get real LHD cranks just dropped even lower lol


2/10/2017 7:09 PM

Empire! Representin'!

Meanwhile, I like. But you gave up too early on the polished forks! Though if you were doing it without a machine polisher, I certainly don't blame you. Polishing metal is a lotta work even with a machine.


2/11/2017 9:07 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/11/2017 9:26 AM

GMGuinn wrote:

Empire! Representin'!

Meanwhile, I like. But you gave up too early on the polished forks! Though if you were doing it without ...more

Yeah gotta love empire!! Can you tell that on the other stay (seat stay) above it that the gold is the Animal logo?

For everyone who's unaware, Empire is one of the companies that will allow you to mail them a self-addressed, stamped envelope to them for FREE stickers (I've done that myself, but had actually gotten my original stickers when they were amazing and located a pawl spring for me I couldn't find anywhere, they truly went wayyy out of their way locating it and that was for a very cheap part, I've got incredibly high opinions of Empire, Full Factory Distro, and Redline's customer service and help!) Free stickers (with the self-addressed, stamped envelope being mailed to them) are available from: Empire, Albes, Cult, Odyssey, and Colony - I'd be interested in finding others, if anyone knows any!! (did you open the imgur link and see the album? My favorite is the old-english style EMPIRE on the inside of my left crank arm ;D )

Thanks for the like wink And yeah, I did give up on the forks - I was riding them semi-polished for a while (though the center was still white, hadn't gotten gel stripper) and dreading the time to bring them from that to a true 'polished steel' finish, but anyway during that period it just didn't look right and I could tell it wasn't just because the forks weren't as shiny as the bars, it was just too much raw metal and, with it being different shades of metal, it didn't give the effect I wanted...Maybe in the future I'll spray the frame, then I'd have my chrome bars and could go back to polishing my forks, but on a raw frame I just don't think the polished bars&forks will have the same pop they do on a colored frame, I think it's because they're just such diametrically-opposed themes ie polished, mirror-like metal and grungy, oxidized metal - the contrast can be created, but it just doesn't work aesthetically IMO (no biggie though since spraying them black and forgetting about them is worlds easier than getting them to a polished-steel finish and retaining that!!) It's funny because I'd wanted to get chrome bars for a loooong time and, shortly after getting them I swapped frames and chose to raw the new frame, so I very quickly found myself thinking that, ironically, I'd have been better-off having gotten my 2nd set of Vultus in black, not chrome! se la vie

Thanks for checking it out though, I very rarely ride with others so when I change colors or add parts I'm the only one who knows, I know it's pretty superficial but I like being able to show people, even strangers online, what I've done!


2/11/2017 11:12 AM

adfkje wrote:

Yeah gotta love empire!! Can you tell that on the other stay (seat stay) above it that the gold is the Animal logo?

For ...more

Yep, Empire's pretty great. I was there just yesterday. And the weekend before. And the weekend before that.

I noticed there was something there on the seatstay, but I didn't know it was the Animal logo until you said so. smile

Add Mutiny to the list of free-stickers-when-you-send-a-SASE companies. I'll add that Mutiny is a local Austin company as well.

Show it off, yo! I've been meaning to post my bike on the semi-recent black bikes thread. It's nothing special to look at, frankly, but I like the way it's coming together. There's no real high-end parts on it, maybe the bars, but it's the best sorted bike I've had yet. Putting on a new brake and grips I hope motivates me to post it.


2/12/2017 8:46 AM

I think my bike looked better when it was full black (excepting the purple sprocket and oil-slick chain), the first pic in this album just looks better than what I've got now IMO

Still have that black United SU2 frame (21") but function>form, I honestly don't even know what brand frame my (current) 20.5" is, I'd found a deal on an FBM custom and when I was buying it I deduced quickly it was VERY unlikely to be an FBM (they make their frames in the US, I guess there were *some* that weren't so I don't know what to think...when I went to raw it there *was* an FBM sticker under the last paint coat that someone had sprayed-on, but someone could put a sticker on the wrong thing obviously) Am intending to sell the 21", then list my 20.5 and, when I sell that, use the $$ from both to get a new frame (bsd alex donnachie's or the cult too-short, I really want to keep the tight wheelbase, shorten my rear and, ideally, have a decent cockpit - the Too-Short seems to fit that very well, but would have to really nail it on the sales of my frames to get that ~$350 frame, I'd have to get at least 150 from my 2 frames lol I couldn't go further out-of-pocket on just a frame)

What kind of bike do you have? And breaks huh? wink JK I know I know :D


2/12/2017 2:46 PM

It's a mishmash of old and new, but it's slowly becoming all new and modern. I don't feel like I've "earned" really good, high-end parts, so unless it's on sale, I tend to get mid-range (I guess?) and lower end parts...

-Neyer Pro frame

-Kink bars

-Just put new Colony Much Room grips on last night. The previous ones are some old Shadow grips. I preserved them as I love those 10-year-old grips. I won't hesitate to reuse them.

-Old Eastern fork (c. 2006)

-First-gen Macneil pivotal seat and post. I ordered a new seat last night as my current one is literally falling to pieces. Well, the top is fine and still in great shape, but the sides are flaking off and the ink transfers to whatever pants/shorts I'm wearing that day.

-Premium 1948 cranks

-Eclat BB kit

-Madera sprocket

-Some new Shadow plastic pedals. Not sure if I'm digging plastic pedals. I really like the positivity of metal pins.

-Old Eastern Nitrous wheels

-Plastic (gasp!) pegs of some kind.

-And yes, a single brake. If I had my own park/ramps I'd go brakeless 'cause I just love the quietness, the cleanliness, and the simplicity, but I frankly lack the bike control right now. Was some old Tektro OEM piece off an old Eastern complete, is now a Fly Springhanger. I really like the simplicity (I'm in to simplicity) of it, but I haven't had a chance to give it a go yet; hopefully this evening. That's all joined to an Odyssey Monolever with an old linear cable. I'll likely never get rid of that Monolever as long as I run brakes. It's been faithful from the start. It just works.