Sinner XLT

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11/11/2015 8:42 PM

Frame Stolen OE Sinner XLT, vortex downtube, tapered stays, if you didn't know about the taper and have a 15' measure them fuckers
Fork Stolen OE with tapered legs and peg notches
Bars 9" Stolen Cell in flat gray
Stem Stolen Clutch Top Load, hollow hardware
Headset Eclat Cargo w/Thermalite spacers set real low... I'm not that tall the 9" rise bars are are already uncomfortable enough...
Wheels Stolen Revution w/threaded hub guards
Cranks Stolen Team 22
Pedals Thermalite SP there wide and grip well enough... I recommend them if your looking for throw away pedals....
Sprocket Stolen Sumo
Chain Stolen Balland
Tires Demolition Machete and Monentum w/redline lightweight tubes... I was hoping to shed some eight with these I haven't weighed it but I think I gained weight
Bikes for sale...


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11/25/2015 10:19 PM

Sweet man I have a sinner as well and I love itPhoto