Tanked Fiend Embryo

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8/13/2015 5:58 PM

after a year of building, getting married and havn a baby my ride is just about complete heres my set up hope yall enjoy:

FRAME: Fiend Embryo 20.75 HT
FORK: Fiend Embryo
STEM: Eclat Nathan
BARS: Kink Lynx
GRIPS: Merritt Charlie Crumlish
CRANKS: Stolen Talon
SPROKET: Tree Light 28t
CHAIN: Stolen halflink
WHEELS: Revenge off a Fit WIFI female axles
SEAT: Profile fat
PEGS: Primo
PEDALS: Merritt P1
TIRES: Front Demolition Machete 2.35 Rear Animal MTT 2.10....... Anything i may have forgotten just hit me up feel free to ask this thing runs super smoothe and is about 26 pounds the wheels are revenge sealed female axle hubs w OHM dub wall rims 9t 1 piece cromo driver , im up dating to a Tree ergo seat and Fit hightop stem within the next few weeks i will order them, this build took a long time to get it to this point i worked overtime to pay for all the parts and is fully assembled by me at my shop, im an auto mechanic by trade and ive been building bikes since i was twelve, im now 30 and bmx is alive in me more than everPhoto


8/13/2015 6:41 PM

This thing is so rad! Shred till yer dead


8/13/2015 6:44 PM

Looking pretty good love seeing that straight cable


8/14/2015 9:29 AM

thanks guys BMX for life i'l get the updated pics on soon as I get the seat stem and headset cap


8/14/2015 9:41 AM

yea dude I like to run brakes and im not a huge barspin dude so the good ol straight cable works really well for me, gyro kinda clutters un the front end a bit uno so im gona toss on the tree tall 20mm dustcover and a fit hightop in polished I think thatl really give me a bit more height cause I don't like to have huge ape hanger bars lol 8.25 is about the tallest il go and I got the kink lynx bars on sale at dans for 20$ somehow lol I had OG slams on there before but they were 8" and super thick non butted tubing alil heavier than the kinks and I couldn't pass up a 20$ deal on some good bars, and the Tree ergo seat in brown will deff finish things off nicely, thanks for hittn me up I hate florida its 100 degrees and 70% humidity rains every day in the summer im from south jersey originally I grew up w darrly tocco he lived like 5 mins from me and we used to ride at lindenwald trails everyday after school check him out hes a fantastic filmer editor as well as a sick rider.


8/15/2015 12:57 PM

Ur back in the game with that bike mate sweet


8/16/2015 2:37 PM

Unfortunately i dont get to ride as often as id like but family comes first my wife has always supported me and gettn older has taken its toll lol thing's didnt hurt this bad when i was 16 haha u old heads know what i mean lol anyone who remembers watching s&m bmx inferno on vhs standard domination and early props stuff...wow the memories lol nota care in the world but where to ride next lol hey Chelsea what part of grb are you in, my wife has a friend in wellingborough north hamptonshier....not really sure where that is but its def gata be better than shitty florida usa i cant even build trails here its all sandy and the water table is like 15 inches so u cant dig without hitting water.


8/16/2015 3:22 PM

jerseyriderOG wrote:

Unfortunately i dont get to ride as often as id like but family comes first my wife has always supported me and gettn older ...more

Yes mate when ur 16 you have no fear of things when you get older and have kids fear does set in, im from kent south east area, my real name is Aaron but i love Chelsea Football club and BMX thats why i put the two together for a name on here!!!