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5/20/2013 7:28 AM

My new Eastern i still have the 2008 one and My FBM .This thing is rad besides a few minor things and im going to use it primarily for trails. Check back in a few weeks for updates.
Frame - Eastern Boss 20.5
Bars - 8.25 Shadow Vultus
Forks - Eastern Hawkeyes

Seat - thermalite pc (for now :[ )
Post - Eastern pivotal

Front Wheel
Hub - Eastern Classic
Spokes - 14g
Rim - Alienation Deviant
Tire - Eastern Curb Monkey OE (For now)
Pegs - Pegless
Guard - none

Rear Wheel
Hub -Eastern Bi Rectional 9t RHD
Spokes -14g
Rim - Alienation 440
Tire - Odyssey Frequency G 2.1
Peg - pegless
Guard - none

Drive Train
Cranks - XPosure flights
Pedals - Demolition PCs
Sprocket - Eastern Medusa Lite 25t (for now)
Chain - p.o.s KMC
BB - Eastern mid

Stem - Eastern Deceptikon(for now)
Grips - Haro (for now)
Headset - Eastern
Bar Ends - K.I.A

Deceptikon stem with a compressor face plate cause the o.g faceplate broke.



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5/20/2013 6:43 PM

not bad at all


I'm on the vital legit list!