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6/5/2015 10:25 AM

So yeah, it's been a long time since my last bike check and I've changed up my setup somewhat. Mainly got a new frame that I had to touch up on. I got impatient and kinda messed with the clearcoat, but that's what happens when impatience kills.. Anyways, here it is. Pretty much a change of color scheme.

ODI Longneck Super Soft grips
Odyssey Par ends
Sunday Triumph XL bars
S&M Race XLT stem
FSA Impact Pro headset
S&M BTM frame, 21" TT
Odyssey R32 forks
Fit FAF tire, 2.4
BSD Front Street hub laced to a Gsport Birdcage rim with Shadow spokes and nipples
Daily Grind front hub guard (x2)
Shadow Ravanger PC pedals
Stolen Team 2.5 cranks
United Metro sprocket, 25t
KMC Z 410 chain
Profile BB kit, mid
United Beacon seat (Corey Martinez signature)
Kink Stump seat post
Fit FAF tire, 2.3
Shadow Raptor Cassette hub, 9t laced to a Gsport Rollcage rim with Primo spokes and nipples
Daily Grind Infinity non-drive side hubguard
Daily Grind DSG drive-side guard
Odyssey MPEG pegs (x2)
Odyssey Joystick pegs (x2)

Apart from the obviously paint difficulties, I don't know how long I'm gonna keep 4 pegs till I take them off again.. 2 pegs are no biggie..





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6/5/2015 11:20 AM

definitely fapped to 8/8


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6/5/2015 11:22 PM

The bike looks good. The imperfections aren't that noticble from the pics.


6/6/2015 9:32 PM

Damn. just damn.


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6/7/2015 12:16 AM

That is one sexy bike....kissing kissing kissing


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