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6/26/2011 12:06 AM

My bike might as well be a race bike it's so light and dialed, but it's tough and I ride it in the streets every day. Frames nice but I want one of those new Guerra frames they look sweet they just need to come with the press in euro cartridges.

Frame: The Take Ivy 5
Fork: Odyssey Dirt forks 8 years old
Bars: Fit Highs
Stem: The Shadow Conspiracy Strike FL 48mm
Headset: FSA Impact
Grips: Fly Ruben Black
Barends: whatever plastic ones come with my grips
Seat: Stolen P-Boss
Post: Stolen Thermolite
Cranks: Profile 175 solid spindle also 8 years old
Bottom Bracket: fucked profile, you guessed it, 8 years old
Pedals: Odyssey Plastic
Chain: says "tava" on it...?
Sprocket: Fly Circulo 25t
Pegs: G-sport Plegs or Stolen Thermolites, old ass Mcneal park pegs for metal
Tires: Tioga PowerBlock 2.1" Steel Bead for park and trails, Animal Tom WhiteWalls 2.0 folding for the mean streets.
Brakes: Lotek Mike Slims or no-name brakes with red slim by 4 pads, Odyssey slick cable and diatech mx 110 lever.

Front Wheel:
~RIm: SunRingle Env front
~Spokes: KHE/DT Swiss collabo 1.8/1.6 Double Butted
~Hub: Demolition Bulimia
~Hub Guard: Shadow Conspiracy Rant Hubguard
Rear Wheel:
~Rim: SunRingle Env front
~Spokes: KHE/DT Swiss collabo 1.8/1.6 Double Butted
~Hub: Stolen Roulette
~Hubguard: Mutiny Hub Buddy 2.1 when its on

Mods: Carbon spacers, titanium sprocket bolt, 1.5" tubes, half link, aluminum nuts on the non-peg side, painted one side of each pedal with a paint pen, cone spacer for the profiles, cut bars to 26.75"

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7/8/2011 7:41 PM

Is the the cameleon cherry violet color?