custom stolen sinner

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5/8/2011 8:57 PM

Frame :stolen sinner
Forks: snafu ul
Bars : s&m t4
Stem : shadow strike tl
Headset : fsa
Grips: shadow ol dirty
Barends : shadow
Lever : N/A
Cranks : eastern tribe
Pedals: shadow pc
Sprocket : shadow scream
Chain : shadow
Brakes : N/A
Pads : N/A
Seat : shadow
Seatclamp : shadow
Rear Wheel : stolen revolver with primo mix
Front Wheel : stolen revolver with primo n4
Tyres : demolition momentum


5/8/2011 8:58 PM



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5/8/2011 9:07 PM

whyd you spell tires like a faggot you faggot? and i thought you still had your stock front hub?


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5/8/2011 9:30 PM

Bike check and no pics.