custom volume ends (not very good)

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3/25/2012 12:10 PM

FRAME : Volume Ends 20.6
BARS : S&M Perfect 10s Chrome
GRIPS : Cult Dehart (best grips ive ever had)
FORKS : Amber Bike Co Hexum Forks/ Mirraco with mounts when i feel like riding front brakes
STEM : Amber Bike Co Crucible Stem Topload
FRONT WHEEL : Cheapo one i got at my local bike shop for like 15 bucks i needed a wheel
FRONT TIRE : Animal GLH 20 x 2.25
REAR WHEEL : Mission cassette hub 9t on a Alienation Black Sheep
REAR TIRE : Animal GLH 20 x 2.25
CRANKS : Eastern 720 Cranks
PETALS : Amber Bike Co Plastic
SPROCKET: Premium Lite 30t
CHAIN : Mixture of 3 different KMC chains
PEGS : Stock Redline pegs from a friend
BRAKES : Simple Diatech Brakes from a stock bike with Redline pads
HEADSET : Sputnic Integrated
i do realize its not the best bike and i need parts but i have literally no money right now
Will upload photos soonish


3/25/2012 12:22 PM

sounds nice pics?
if you give me a link on another website like facebook i can put them up



3/25/2012 12:55 PM

Ends are sweet my friend has one.


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