macniel bibi - 21lb

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9/21/2015 11:15 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/21/2015 11:18 PM

this bike is dope
floating around/above 21lb depending on what seat/tires/pegs/brakes
i dont ride tooo hard but i do ride/crash my bitch

20.8 macniel bb - brakemounts intact and ready, spanish bb woohoo

xlt slam bars, cracked and rewelded two years ago
tapped for tree bar ends (just rotated sides but still dying)
grips i found
shadow 48mm front loader with b6 bolts
fsa clear/pink cockrings
headset pieced together from headset pieces
s&m freestyle classic forks - brakemounts intact and ready

jcpc pedals, one is stripped and hopefully wont come off my
odsy twombolt cranks, lhd 175mm
shadow 24t sprocket, need something lighter/lower for my knees
odsy/kmc 510 chain

snafu seatpost clamp
drilled/chopped seat post (and a dead s&m thin seat) i traded for a pack of smokes
2nd s&m thin seat, (i have a third one ready to put on when this dies)

blue marmoset with collars from my old red marmoset which had an awesome doublesnapped flange
sapim db spokes
superlight sun envy rim, narrow as fuck, so my
2.25 microknobbies keep tearing at the seam on sketchy 360s
gland hubguard and sometimes a pleg

odsy antigram hub, 9t, 3/8ths w/ aluminum axle
27 sapim db spokes and 9 regular sapim spokes on outer grindside
birdcage rim
1.95 racing tire or 1.95 bald animal tire if i need to run pegs, most my tires have boots over the tears :o
bald tires are also lighter
nearly almost dead shadow little one peg grinded to a tiny stump
a gland hubgaurd that still lets the spoke J's get bent over the flange

odsy springfield brakes i keep in my backpack for when i hit the trails
odsy evolvers i keep in my truck for when i wanna fuck with the fronts
front/rear odsy cables and a odsy brake lever


my other bike

take off the drivetrain
two front wheels
bald khe tires
ti bars and my bike is at 19lbs


wallride a bus everyday

9/21/2015 11:37 PM

mi old marmyset


wallride a bus everyday