nathan williams would approve

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4/4/2013 10:54 PM

this is my good friend's build! hope you enjoy, going to repaint his frame burgundy, so the raw is just temporary. Ill try to get better pics soon.

Frame: United Mothership V2 20.8"
Bars: United Mothership
Forks: Odyssey Dirt Classic

Cranks: United Nash
Pedals: Duo PC
Sprocket: Cult Member 25 tooth
Chain: Cult Half Link

Front Wheel: Cinema 333
Rear Wheel: Cinema Tungsten
Grips: United Nathan Williams
Barends: Odyssey Par Ends
Stem: Eclat Nathan Williams
Headset: United Integrated
Seat: Eclat OZ
Post: Cult Counter Culture
Pegs: United Squad x4
Hubguards: United Squad
Tires: WTP Feelin'



4/4/2013 11:23 PM



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4/4/2013 11:30 PM

Diggin that "gray" frame with all black parts. Looks nice.


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4/5/2013 1:39 AM

So sick!


4/5/2013 3:23 AM

I approve for Nathan!


"Are they punkin' me Tio, are they punkin' me?"

4/5/2013 10:22 AM

hahah^ thanks guys!