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1/4/2014 6:22 PM


2007 Sunday toothpaste wave

Currently but changing most stuff real soon built on a budget so try not to hate lol.

First bike I've built in over 10 years finally got back arount to it thanks to my gf whose 10 year old son is in love with his bmx bike.

Bars. Exposure prybars
Fork. Felt. Dirt fork
Crank. Premium 16 spline v2
Pedals. Harp recycle PC
Sprocket. Shadow scream 25t
Chain. Shadow half link.
Grips. Kink alpha
Brakes. Exposure u brake
Lever. Odyssey trigger
Seat. Eastern slider
Post. Mankind pivitol
Tires. Front. Aitken 20x2.25
Rear. Ross. 2.00
Cable. Odyssey linear
Stem. Amber jaws
Wheels. Front amber reign
Rear. Amber reign 9t driver.

Pretty much everything's being changed as I get bord and it was built 2 years ago. I have a boat load of new parts going on real shortly. Let me know what you think

1/4/2014 7:25 PM

kinda like the colors!


brakeless maniac

1/7/2014 7:59 AM

I didn't see the stand clamped to your downtube and I thought your bike was floating! xD Your bike looks really good man! I would change a few things like the bars and the cranks, but it's your bike not mine. It looks nice!


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1/7/2014 3:09 PM

Thanks guys. I actually have new bars in my car animal Bob bars. I love me my 4 PC. Bars. And the crank is gunna go eventually I want Odyssey or profile but really haven't researched yet. I'd rather Upgrade the wheels first.

Tax time is coming so. The bike is getting a complete makeover for the new season