S&M Cam Wood V2 (new pic 02/14/16)

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11/3/2015 1:09 PM


Frame: S&M Cam Wood V2 21"
Forks: Shadow Creeper V2 (very soon to be binned and replaced with FBM CB4Ks)
Bars: FBM U.S.Apes 9"
Stem: S&M Credence
H/set: ? bit of a jumble from the spare parts box
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Cranks: Profile 175mm
Sprocket: Odyssey C-512 25t
Pedals: Salt PC
BB: ? spare parts box
Chain: YBN 410
Seat: Odyssey Aitken pivotal
Post: ? some ratty thing that's too short
Rear wheel: Profile mini hub, 9t driver, 3/8 axle. Sun Big City rim
Front wheel: Profile mini hub. ? rim
Tyres: Fit FAF 2.35

I sold my old bike a few months ago and instantly regretted it. After pulling some strings, calling some favours, and doing some deals, this is the current state of my new(ish) bike.
It's still a work in progress as there's some bits I want/need to change to dial her in.
Within the next month (hopefully!) I'll be burning the forks to death, and replacing with a pair of FBM CB4Ks. I'll be replacing the headset at the same time for whatever i can find a good deal on.
I'm in 2 minds about setting up a brake, which is why the flanges are still on the grips (but it looks like I'll stay brakeless and cut the flanges off)
I do a lot of pedal grinds, so I go for whatever I can find cheap, but these are in need of replacing now.
She could do with a new pair of rims. I'm thinking Sun Envy, poss. both in chrome, if not, both in black.
The BB could do with being replaced, they're much of a muchness though so no plans on what I'm after just yet.
I also could do with new tyres. Something a bit slimmer on the rear, and a bit knobblier on the front (maybe FAF's again, or maybe Odyssey Aitken street on the rear, dirt on the front?)
The seat post is too short, I usually prefer it up a couple of inches, but it doesn't bother me too much in all honesty.
In an ideal world, I'd like an FBM throne railed seat on either a Fit post, or Odyssey intac. it is what it is though.

the only real mod is the bars have been chopped, haven't got a clue what length, but they're comfy.

The plan behind this build is to have a modern replica(ish) to the bike i was riding 10 years ago. I've never had a bike I've loved as much as I loved that (RIP Sharlene), but this is by far the closest yet.

I love the ratty/well ridden look, especially when everything's dialled and it rides like a dream

I'll stop rambling now..... Enjoy

11/4/2015 11:16 AM

Looks nice man


11/6/2015 10:52 AM

Cheers buddy


11/17/2015 11:54 AM

looking sweet!


11/19/2015 7:49 PM

Good looking build! Always liked the cam wood frames.


11/21/2015 8:12 AM

Cheers guys! Yeah the frame is so pretty and simple. Fairly modern geo for an old man like me, but still stable enough.

As an update. The fbm forks still aren't available in the UK, pitchfork xlt's are my second choice, but I'm trying to be patient enough to wait for the fbm's.
I've also got a brown fbm throne seat, and will be setting up a brake (just need to get a lever). My bars are pretty short so I'll have to bend my lever (like the good old days) because I can't justify new bars right now.
And I've decided on s&m mainline 2.1 tyre on the front, speedball 2.1 on the rear


11/24/2015 6:28 AM

Is that the one with the gnarly tree graphics on it? Love that frame


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11/25/2015 9:28 AM

Yeah that's the one. I got it 2nd hand and it was rattle canned a horrible green. Every now and then I think of spraying it and having a pretty bike. But the raw looks lovely.

Another update: my impatience got the better of me so I should have a pair of pitchfork xlt's on it by the weekend. Plus a mainline on the front, speedball on the back, and a pair of demolition plastic pedals.
I've ridden to work on it a couple of times and I'm not convinced I like the bars so might go back to 8.5". Haven't had the chance for a proper ride yet though


12/4/2015 4:36 AM


Pretty much done. Got my pitchfork xlt's the other day with a mainline 2.10 on the front and a fit faf 2.10 on the rear, and a pair of demolition trooper pedals.
I should have some hoder bars on their way to me too as the u.s.apes are a bit too big for my liking.
Still wouldn't mind a pair of matching rims but they can wait.


12/7/2015 12:57 AM

Got the hoder bars, cut about 30mm off each end straight away, they feel much nicer. I don't like the red, but don't know whether to go black or raw. I'd like to raw everything eventually

12/7/2015 5:53 AM

I ALMOST bought that frame in Trans Blue a few years back, but they were out of my size.


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12/7/2015 7:27 AM

dave lawrence wrote:

I ALMOST bought that frame in Trans Blue a few years back, but they were out of my size.

That's a shame, it's such a nice frame! The geometry is pretty much perfect for my style of riding. And there's little details about it I fell in love with instantly, like the bullet capped stays.


12/12/2015 2:52 AM

Heard some bad news the other day and needed to take my mind off it. A raw happened

12/15/2015 7:13 AM

grumpySteve wrote: Photo
Heard some bad news the other day and needed to take my mind off it. A raw happened

Dude this bike is superrrrrrrr clean.


1/8/2016 11:01 AM


Couldn't get on with the lack of upsweep on the hoders so put the u.s.apes back on, also got a pma stem. Gave the rear rim a quick spray to see what it would look like. The bars are being rawed as I type this.
The only thing I want to do now is something with the wheels. Either raw the hubs and get a black rim for the rear, or keep the hubs black and get a chrome rim for the front? It doesn't need doing, but I want matching rims so just trying to make my mind up whether to go black or chrome

1/9/2016 3:19 AM

Nice! Felt the same way about the Hoders upsweep after riding with them for a couple months.

Looks like S&M just released some new Credence XL 9.25" bar with 3° upsweep now. http://www.sandmbikes.com/product/hardgoods/credence-xl-9-5-bar/


1/9/2016 3:47 AM

I contemplated the regular credence bars as 9" felt too big at first, but couldn't justify another pair just yet. I'm getting used to these nicely now though


2/14/2016 11:41 AM


Got some trans black, gave the forks and front end of the frame a quick coat, and a few coats on the bars. Also got a ti driver and kmc kool chain.
New rims next, decided to get a pair of black sun envy rims, and raw the hub's.

I'm currently saving for a custom fbm frame but that'll probably be a while sad


2/14/2016 3:46 PM

great build, keep at it


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2/14/2016 4:16 PM
Edited Date/Time: 2/14/2016 4:18 PM

Really digging everything S&M. Need to get those Credence bars on there to get that S&M upsweep.


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2/17/2016 7:48 AM

Cedrik Storm wrote:

Really digging everything S&M. Need to get those Credence bars on there to get that S&M upsweep.

I had the credence stem, but the fbm is prettier! I might be getting some credence bars as I'm still not convinced I like 9" rise on these. Hopefully trading with a friend, he'll be getting the credence stem and the hoder bars for them so he'll be getting a good deal!


3/16/2016 11:48 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/16/2016 11:50 PM

Flipped my stem upside-down, I can't believe how much better it feels after spending so long trying to get used to big bars.... I'm tempted to get some 8" bars and flip the stem back but this looks badass in my opinion. I just got some more trans black mixed up and plan on giving the frame forks and bars a few more coats. I've also got a ti driver, new 410 chain and new odyssey c 512 sprocket.



5/5/2016 2:59 PM

Nice ride man. I've got that same frame in the trans blue! I've been wanting to do a new paint job since the clear coat is dying, but I'm kinda tempted to go raw now... What do you use to strip your parts?


5/8/2016 1:33 AM

gibson wrote:

Nice ride man. I've got that same frame in the trans blue! I've been wanting to do a new paint job since the clear coat is ...more

Cheers! I've got an fbm hardway frame now in trans gold. So it looks a lot different.

I just use cheap paint stripper, slap it on all over the place, leave it half an hour, wipe it off with a cloth and repeat as necessary. I sprayed a few light coats of trans black over the frame and forks to dull them down a bit, and a few more coats on my bars to make the stem stand out more.