thealexbuffery setup thread

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3/19/2015 7:14 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/22/2015 7:05 AM

not sure if im meant to do these like this, but whatever ahaha


ill just post my setups here as i go on to update them, rather than a spam of all my setups, getting new bars this sat so

Frame: Verde Modus
Bars: apparently Federal Lacey bars
Grips: DUO Homan
Fork: 20/20 fork
Stem: Fitbike top load
Sprocket: Fitbike 25T
Cranks/BB: Eastern Nitrous Crank Set
Pedals: DUO Resilite
Rims: Front KHE BigV, Rear Cinema 777
Hubs: Colony, not sure which exactly
Tyres: DUO High Street Tyre
Seat: KHE Loyal
Pegs: 2 Cinema Pegs

no clue what Headset, Spokes/Nipples, Chain, or whatever else haha


3/19/2015 7:42 AM

:0 cleaaannnnnnn.


3/19/2015 4:43 PM

yeah its nice man.


3/22/2015 7:20 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/22/2015 6:12 PM

got new federal bars cool


pic of my bike before when it was in good condition haha, Eastern Traildigger 2010