Street in Orange and surrounding cities

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12/7/2015 6:38 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/12/2015 11:21 PM

I used to ride street in Placentia/Yorba Linda/North Anaheim/Fullerton a bit when I was younger, but never really explored Orange and that side of the county very much, so does anyone know where some good street spots are around the Orange/Santa Ana/Garden Grove/Westminster/Stanton/Anaheim areas? I've been to basically all the parks out here, but haven't seen much for street ironically(maybe I'm just not looking hard enough when I drive by), so I was thinking about going out and exploring nightly. If anyone is down to go looking for spots or could share their knowledge, it would be appreciated! Any schools in the area worth checking out too? I'm always looking for a reason to go towards HB/Costa Mesa/Newport as well, so feel free to add any spots that way. I know there's a big bmx scene in OC, so locals help me out here! And I know alot of people like keeping their spots secret, or at least not posting online to draw heat to the spot, so feel free to send a PM if anything.

Edit: Well, just spent the last 4 hours on Google Maps combing thru nearly every school in OC, finding spots based on what I can see from street view. Found quite a few for sure good spots, some that may take more investigating, as well as a few I already knew about. Only thing that sucks is most of them are basically prison fenced in with security cameras, so getting to them may be a challenge, especially depending on local police presence. Shouldn't be illegal to ride a damn bike anywhere, but welcome to Commiefornia right? Lol