Street riders from Riverside/Inland Empire

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12/23/2013 9:44 AM

So me and the guys want to go back to the Inland Empire/Riverside scene in the first or second week of January but we want to ride street last time it was just all park since we didn't have anyone to take us to spots

So if anyone of you guys want to be a little tour guide and are cool with us filming at your spots let me know before we just decide not to go
And just for reference, we like rails, ledges, pretty legit wallrides, and maybe some good gaps to end it on so if you're up to it let us know!


2Hi throwaway



TRV-950 Footy

Holy shit Chad Degroot posted in my Good porn thread!

VX all day(fixed, raw video, real shit)

Refs: Stayinonmagrind, Dee hos, Kevin Burnett

12/23/2013 2:05 PM

i with you would come to santa barbara
the quest for the holy rail dvd was filmed here, and we have anything from trails to rails, and everything in between


refs: hookjrclc, hardbmxtim, hatchmoses for sale and trade, kymike for sale and trade, blizzbikes for trade, and some other dude i cant remember his username, vrsapat956, colonydirt94, mario.villegas90, wolfen
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