Support BMX Park effort for Newark, CA

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9/28/2015 10:51 AM


I'm working on a petition/proposal to get a public BMX park in Newark, CA. If you live in or near Newark, please check out and join our facebook group:

Not much there yet. Without support from the local community, we will be hard-pressed to get the city to approve anything. At this point we are not even sure what kind of park to promote. We need community input.

FYI, we have a skatepark effort that is a bit further along:

Also, if you want any chance of BMX access to the skatepark, I suggest getting involved, as well as recruiting anybody else in town that you know that lives in the area (adult bikers, youth bikers, their parents, grandparents, etc) Without a voice from a local BMX community, it surely ain't going to happen.



10/25/2015 8:48 PM

I just requested to join. I live in Fremont and race cardiac cruisers at Santa Clara. Somewhere near Cushing Parkway would be awesome. Or like out where Mowry ends by the Pick N Pull