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9/28/2009 5:56 PM

my fsa headset makes noises when i bought i did not use the bearing race it came with because i already have a bearing race on my fork is that why its makeing a crake noise when i turn the bars because i did not put on the bearing race it came with


9/29/2009 11:11 AM

it may be to tight or need some grees


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refs:nshs2010, carjakester,8=D,orgy,dallybiker45,RedCrayon,Southernrider,thor_davis, Andysubrosa8,gstring02,dirtjumper202,bdk1313,blake el gingero(x2)

11/30/2009 8:23 AM

i had the same problem with my kink headset, just take it out and cover it in grease and don't tighten it as much



12/4/2009 7:21 PM

OMG lol someone finaly replied lol but this i fixed so long ago i just used grease lol its been so long