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2/24/2013 6:44 PM

So I'm a beginner biker (by beginner I mean I've only ever ridden mountain bikes) and I'm just shopping around for a new bike. I'm looking for a bike that fits this description: I'm about 5 ft 6 in, looking for a light-ish bike, and I mean colour isn't the most important thing but I'm kinda looking for matte black, matte orange or something sleek. Another important factor is price, I want something around $400 but I'm a bit flexible with the budget. I'm also looking for some tips on how to choose a bike.


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i was in the same place as you are now a couple years ago and when i was looking i looked at the complete Fit and Cult bikes. you might wanna give those a look. look at bikes that are solid and in your price range thats all i can say and look at all decent brands. no walmart or sportcheck bikes you will replace parts as you progress

Support your local bike shop.


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Check Kijiji. Just type in BMX, you would be suprised at how many people are either upgrading, getting out of the sport.
Or have a bike made of their spare parts, and you can end up with a pretty great deal.
Worth a try!


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I bought my first bike about a year ago for around $600, it was a wtp justice, and a decent bike for a beginner like me, but then my friend ended up finding a wtp trust on kijiji for only $300!!! Its originally almost $800 in almost perfect condition!!! My advice is look on kijiji, there are plenty of people selling bikes, look into a good complete like wethepeople, cult, fitbikeco. I would even look at custom bikes on kijiji and look up the price of the actual parts of the bike, but you probably don't know much about different parts yet. Don't go to walmart, sportcheck as said before, go to an actual bike store such as Bike Zone (thats where I got my bike). Hope you find what your looking for! P.S. the lightest bike your probably get for $400 is about 26-27 pounds unless you get a good deal on kijiji. You shouldn't have a hard time finding a matte black bike, as for the orange you might have some trouble.