anyone ever ridden calgary???

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2/16/2007 8:52 AM

ive never seriuosly ridden calgary i imagine it has alot to offer street/parks i was just wondering about the riding scene


7/21/2007 8:39 PM

Calgary park can be very busy at times, so if your not agressive, you will never get a good session.devil


Haro Steel Reserve 1.1

3/21/2008 3:39 PM

ne 1 know any good trails i live there and can only find small crappy stuff


3/23/2008 1:33 PM

edmonton has alot more and better parks. calgarys park is alright but mostly known for its size


5/20/2008 2:06 PM

The only time to ride millenium park is between 12 am and 9 am, other than that it's full of "cooler than though" skate,bmx, and rollerblade kids
calgary has a ton of street shit to ride, you just have to actually keep your eyes peeled
Most of the good street is downtown. I find there's a ton of really fun stuff to ride that's easy to access. Also, downtown calgary has a ton of random stairways at the base of skyscrapers that lead to lunch/break courtyard areas for the workers. If you ride around downtown on a sunday or in the evening you can get undistrubed access to lots of hidden stuff.
My advice if to just go downtown during non-business hours and go all over, you'll find some stuff that's fun to ride.

Also, check out the cochrane, and okotoks parks, and especially check out the brooks park. It's about an hour and a half east on hwy 1, and it's really fun.

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