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8/6/2016 5:39 AM

Hey guys, new to the forum and not ridden bmx for a looooong time. I'm hoping someone can help.

I used to ride every day when I was younger for about 5 years but stopped for one reason or another. So I recently got my bike out of the garage and wanted to clean it up to start riding again but the thing is looking rough! I stripped it down and rebuilt it trying to make the best of what I had but I'm having real trouble with the drive side of things. I'm running an old, and I mean OLD, primo pro cassette hub. Before the mix was released but it's exactly what I need but it runs like shit. It needs new pawls and springs for sure and possibly new bearings. Would anyone have any idea where I could order these? Do you know will the mix / remix pawls & spring fit? The bearings should do for now but I want to get back out on it.

Also I'm sure I'm running rhd cranks (donated from a friend) on a lhd. Is thus going to cause me issues?

Hoping someone can help