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5/27/2011 11:44 AM

Hi all, I would appreciate if you could vote to get the Nike Pool moved down to Totnes, I have been working hard to get it here however due to popular demand they are tendering it. I have 240 acres to use up, one skate park already up and running with mega plans to expand. If we get The Pool it will be up and running this year in conjunction with the other park. On-site facilities already include holiday cottages (sleeps 35), indoor and outdoor motocross facilities, techy indoor skate park and more.

I would love all the help possible to make an amazing riding facility for the South west that incorporates indoor parks, outdoor jumps & lots of other features.

All you need to do is go to the link and write you want the park moved to Totnes/South West!!


5/29/2011 3:12 AM

No, I believe it would be wrong and a crime of a tease to give a troubled area like dagenham a epic skatepark for only 30 days and interest them in the sport then give it away to some other location would just be unfair, and by reading your post you've already got a park so i don't see why that having an extension is more important than helping kids get off the streets off dagenham


5/29/2011 6:02 AM

The thing most dont know is that the pool itself was always due for demolition at the end of June to be turned into a multi story car park. Nike built this knowing so (a 30 day only contract). The plan is that Nike will HAVE to either rip the park out and destroy it or move it to another location after this point however they were always planning on building a concrete park afterwards so not all is lost and dagenham still gets a park.

What I am doing here in the South West is opening up a bike park that is aimed for all levels and ages of rider from 6+ giving them the opportunity to ride something unique. The park we currently have is aimed at more advanced level riders and is tight and techy, this is where The Pool comes in to play...with The Pool we can create two completely different riding styles that appeal to a multitude of people. We are and always were planning on building an outdoor 4X track, outdoor & possibly indoor dirt jumps and more. Experience proves that only very rarely the South West gets an opportunity to host something of this scale therefore would benefit all including the kids down here who also need to get off the streets and do something constructive with their time.

I own and operate a ride run company that is for riders by riders. Unlike most companies we are not in it for financial benefits we just want people to have fun riding something different and most importantly we believe that the kids are the future and should be given a chance to participate in activities that may open new doors.