amity frames

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9/23/2010 8:52 PM

i want a new frame and i was looking at amity, i know theyve been out a while and they seem to be holding up so i wanted to know what people thought of them


9/30/2010 10:33 AM

They look sick and they are! i have ridden my mates amity zenta bike and its so well put together, i would definately buy there aftermarket parts, i am thinking about saving up and getting the parts they have!


9/30/2010 10:38 AM

yeah man go for it, the amity zenta frame is like 180 so thas why im gettin it :D


12/1/2010 8:45 AM

I know this is super old but I recommend the Amity Russo. My friend has it and it's so good, and he shreds hard


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