half link issues

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5/18/2013 1:13 AM

So got my new wethepeople volta last night with saltplus warlock half link, ( my first half link ) but it is making a right noise on the driver? Its fitted correctly by wethepeople from factory, and I rode on it and there is metal swarf all over it and it still making a noise after like 5 miles? anyone else had this, its totally wrecked my enjoyment so far and its going in bin for a normal chain me thinks


5/21/2013 8:33 AM

my only concern is if the pitch aint right when stretching or pre stretching is will never work properly! i took the stupid thing off and got a cult 510 and now the bike rides a dream like it was intended ( it has 1 half link in it still mind )

when i took the warlock off i would say that 70% of the links were super stiff which couldnt of helped 1 bit. i had oiled the chain with finish line wet oil ( which i always use )

well either way this is my first half link and from this experience it will be the last


5/22/2013 12:16 AM

so no1 on here has anything to say about half links good or bad - come on people


5/23/2013 10:36 PM

No one ever uses this part of the Forum, post it in General. Chances are I'm the only person that has read this post.


5/23/2013 11:51 PM

ok cheers