100% Chromoly Term/Definition confusion...?

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9/8/2016 4:04 PM

I know what chromoly is.

The part Im confused about is the percentage...

What do companies mean or imply when they say their bike/frame is 100%...?

Do they mean that "ALL" the tubes on the frame is chromoly...?

Do they mean that "ALL" the major components on the bike are chromoly...? (Frame, handlebar, fork etc)

If there is no percentage given for a frame but clearly states chromoly...

Does that mean that only a couple of the tubes are chromoly..?

That is.... front triangle (HT, TT, DT, ST, BBT) is chromoly only...while back triangle (CS, SS) is not...?


9/8/2016 8:04 PM

From what I have found, you have to read ALL of the specs on a bike to get a definitive answer. An add or review will say 100% FULL CHROMOLY and then the small print later on might say : "Hi-Ten Chainstay and Seatstay";

one that I always got tripped up on in the beginning was regarding forks: Full Chromoly steering tube...meaning that only the steering tube is Chromoly, NOT the legs

just make sure to read all of the specs. I have never found that there is a "standard" of how they advertise/explian things


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9/8/2016 10:41 PM

Usually if it's full chromoly, it'll say so. Other times it will trimoly which basically means the front triangle is chromoly, or it'll say the main tubes, which usually only means the top and downtube. Sxe got it spot on though, you need to pay attention to the specs of each component, if it doesn't say specifically that it's chromoly, it won't be


9/8/2016 11:43 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/8/2016 11:44 PM

Is there a way to "TEST" out what the frame is made out of...?

Say...tapping each individual tube with something like your finger nail or a metal object that will produce a sound and therefore a "PITCH"...therefore helping you discern whether all the tubes are the same or if some are different by the pitch of the tapped sound...?


9/9/2016 12:02 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/9/2016 12:04 AM

The part I am most confused and angry about....

BOTH the manufacturer AND the Retailer...NEVER even give you a 'straight' statement or description as to whether the frame is FULL chromoly and/or statement as to which tubes are chromoly and which ones are not.

For Example...I am looking at getting a BSD ALVX V2.


The BSD ALVX V2 frame is Alex Donnachie's signature model made from 4130 chromoly tubing with no brake mounts or cable guides for a clean look and ultra responsive geometry best suited for the most technical street riders. The ALVX features a steep 75.5° integrated headtube, top and downtube gussets, Mid BB shell, integrated seat post clamp, super short 12.5" rear triangle with tapered stays able to fit large tire sizes, curved bridges and 7mm thick investment cast dropouts.


Alex D’s ALVX frame is a super tech street steed with the steepest headtube angle of any of our frames and one of the shortest rear ends available on any 20” frame. This beast is designed with technical moves in mind. The V2 ALVX is updated for 2016 with burly 7mm thick invest cast dropouts and a new range of colours…

The ALVX frame features:

– Super short rear end slammable to 12.5”
– New 7mm thick invest cast dropouts for 2016
– Extra wide rear end for up to 2.4” tyres
– Curved ends on stays for peg clearance
– External gussets
– No brake mounts.

So...yeah...they do indeed give you a 'spec' sheet. Geometry numbers, colors/options and features....BUT NEVER A FULL LIST/STATEMENT as to what the Frames metal components are really made out of.

NO WHERE in those descriptions/statements...do I see anything stating 100%...OR...which tubes are chromoly and which are not. The Danscomp description does say "made from 4130 chromoly tubing"....But never states which tubes are CHROMOLY and which are NOT.

Aaarrrggghhh. (HEAD BANGING!!)

This shit confuses me because I really wish manufacturers/retailers were more straight forward in their advertising statements/descriptions.


9/9/2016 12:14 AM

Honestly man fucks like Ohihian will come and bitch me out and there's gonna be some welder who knows his shit and will want to prove me wrong , but in my humble opinion as long as it's chromoly you're gonna be fine . I've ridden all frames , basic chromoly , Taiwan , now this supertherm American chromoly and it makes no fucking difference , unless you're snapping and twisting frames it shouldn't be an issue . Focus on specs and colours , frames are so strong now it's insane .


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9/9/2016 5:08 AM

I agree with Brayden....I know that i personally will never ride hard enough to break a Chromoly frame, so as long as I know that all the tubing is Chromo, I don't care to go to "the next level". At least right now. I think most of us fall in the category of :

1. we are not getting free stuff from manufacturers/ test riding new technologies from manufacturers
2. we are all not rich, with money to burn
3. most of us are not dropping 10-15' drops or riding the Red Bull challenges

I just need a bike, and parts that will last...I trust that ANY Chromoly is going to do the job for me


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9/9/2016 7:33 AM

Any aftermarket frame will be full chromoly, unless otherwise stated. It's only really sub £400 completes that won't be