12 year olds and 3 double whips

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2/9/2014 3:01 AM


I now feel really bad lol
It's amazing how young these people are and how good they are...


2/9/2014 4:19 AM

so true^




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2/9/2014 7:32 AM

Lil Pros is such an awesome series. Watched that the other day. I might watch some of the live feed later today.


2/9/2014 9:40 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/9/2014 9:42 AM

Yeah they're good, especially for their age. I met Troy Hayward at a jam at my local park last year, he's not cocky at all unlike what some people might think. The actual competition is actually mostly near where I live; The park they went to on Friday is 18 miles from where I live and the one they went to yesterday is 30 miles from where I live.


2/9/2014 11:29 AM

Mhm. The Halahan brothers are really young. They come to the wheelmill and are really good kids. They pull all kinds of nutty stuff the entire time. I think if i am ever a father im gonna get my kids into it. haha


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2/9/2014 12:05 PM

They've been biking since they were even littler so they got comfortable on a bike growing up


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2/9/2014 12:35 PM


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