18" for 6 year old. Go big or go home?

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4/9/2016 9:56 PM

Ok guys! My son Dom will be 7 in September & is shy of 46" tall.
He has been riding a 16" Haro z16 for a few a few years, still fits him but looking to find him something bigger.
Im in San Diego & purchased the used 16" Haro off of CL for $80.
There are lots of used 3-4 year old Haro 18"'s on CL from time to time for about the same, $70-$80. They have been selling quickly as of recently.
Haro's are heavy but at the same time he is just tooling around the neighborhood at this point.

So looking at the Cult Juvi 6061 AL frame weighing in at 20.5 lbs as the guys at Danscomp weighed it for me at $320 after the 15% off deal...
United Recruit 18" which claims 20.5 lbs in chromoly at $270 after the 15% off

Or just be cheap & get a used tank of a Haro!
Any other recommendations / suggestions, & why...

I obviously over research most of my purchases & would love some feedback.


4/9/2016 10:30 PM

Honestly... I would just get one of the cheap ones off Craigslist if I were you just because he might not fit the 18" for long so there's not much sense in spending $320 on a bike he might not even have that long. I know when I was about 8 years old I was easily riding a 20" around, so there's a chance in just a years time he'll end up being too big for the bike. So you could go cheap on the Craigslist findings, then once he's ready you can get him a 20"

If you aren't worried about the price, then go for it. But if I were you, I'd look for a 20" bike with a smaller top tube size. That way if he does outgrow it too fast and wants to get serious about riding, then you can always upgrade the parts later down the road, and if not, he'll still have a bike that fits him or at the very least he'll grow into. I know Stolen makes a 20" bike with a 19.6" top tube length, so it's smaller than the average 20" bmx bike, but larger than an 18" bike too for room to grow. I don't like how it has an oddball 12mm rear axle as opposed to a 14mm or 3/8" axle though, but you could always shop around and see what other bikes come in smaller sizes.

That one's also priced at $280, so you save money. If you do end up getting it, I'd say try finding a smaller set of bars as those are fairly big.


4/9/2016 10:41 PM

I would vote for the cheap option too, not for the purpose of being cheap, but because one good growth spurt could have him outgrowing the 18" bike in a matter of months. Personally, I would save the bucks for when he's big enough for a 20", then spend bigger on a bike that will last him a while.


4/9/2016 10:46 PM

You make a good point about only being on the bike for a few years which is also concerning. Im only 5'8" & moms barely 5' so he got screwed in the height category... ; )
Dom actually rode his brothers 20 Premium Duo & can pull it off quiet well for the bike being WAY to big for him, as long as he does stop, he's good....haha
But yes, spending $300+ on a bike for a 6 year old is the main reason im here...
Yes I spent that & then some on a micro mini, then a mini, but they were track bikes...


4/9/2016 11:05 PM

haha welll that doesn't mean he's destined to be short either, myself and my brother are both taller than both our parents so you never know.

If you're weary on it, the cheap Craigslist ones would be best and cheapest. The way I look at it is you either spend $300+ now, then another $300+ later for a 20", or under $100 now, then $300+ for a 20"... So $600+ vs ~$400.

Plus you could always put it back on Craiglist and make some of (Or if you're lucky, all of) your money you spent on it back.


4/10/2016 12:02 AM

I'd go with a cheaper one too. I just bought my 7year old son his first 18", it weighs a ton, but all he does is ride around a car park. If he decides he wants to ride a bit more seriously when he's a bit older, I'll build him a decent bike. He's much more into minecraft than bikes though, so I figured a good bike now could end up being a waste of money


4/10/2016 12:34 AM

grumpySteve wrote:

I'd go with a cheaper one too. I just bought my 7year old son his first 18", it weighs a ton, but all he does is ride around a ...more

Minecraft is the devil, it's all his moms fault.....


4/10/2016 1:15 AM

Then again $228 for new: https://www.danscomp.com/products/102696/2016_Stolen_Agent_18_Bike.html
to my door!


$75 & have to drive 40 minutes each way to go get it!

This is identical to my sons 16", which im tripping out on right now.
This bike was posted a few hours ago.
Tires seem atleast 50% down on tread..'

What to do!!!!!


4/10/2016 6:25 AM

I'm almost in the same boat, and posted about it yesterday. I'm in the camp of buy the nicer bike if you can. My kids really enjoy biking...however, they can be finicky. If the bike is too heavy or too big, forget about it. I want them to be able to learn and handle the bike right now, not grow into it. I'm personally willing to get an 18" and have it last my 7 & 9 yr old for 2 years and then selling on craigslist, fb, etc. Now I'm going back and forth on the Stolen, United and the Cult Juvi as well.


4/10/2016 10:01 AM

watarski wrote:

I'm almost in the same boat, and posted about it yesterday. I'm in the camp of buy the nicer bike if you can. My kids really ...more

Yup! I hate options!!! This morning I went & got the used 18" Haro for $70. Looking at my son on the bike, he's going to be on it for some time for sure! Im sure I can easily sell off both of these now that I know he's stoked on an 18"
At first he was freaking out when I told him I put his 16" on CL, was the end of the world & im the worst dad ever...
Found his bikes bigger brother...
Really want to get him a nice bike as would imagine there would be more joy & ease in pedaling something new..
Same boat! money really isnt an issue but is there a huge difference between a $270 Stolen vs. a $320 Cult...


4/11/2016 5:41 PM

Even though I did pick-up this Haro, still toying with the idea of getting him a Cult, United, or a Stolen...