180 to 360

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2/28/2020 7:02 PM

I can 180 but I don’t hop very high. I try to 180 but it’s not really a bronco hop. When I try to 360 I only land 270. I notice that my front wheel dosent really leave the floor that much and when I try to it feels awkward and I bail.


2/28/2020 7:43 PM

I would practice 360s at a skatepark first if there’s like a little bank to practice on. Also work on your hop you need to be able to pop the bike up little bit in mid turn helps the bike whip around faster. Also where the head goes body will follow I personally kee bars turned so if I some how to land little under 360 bars are turned to slide out


2/28/2020 8:19 PM

Where your head looks your body follows , add speed go higher


2/29/2020 12:28 AM

Always remember to compress really good before you hop